ASTI Service Partners

ASTI has developed the Authorized Service Provider (ASP) program designed to provide every customer with consistent, quality global maintenance services.

ASTI’s base of worldwide ASP’s offer timely and cost-effective support solutions for Plasmon™ and ASTI branded equipment. ASTI selects only excellent providers with quality service operations and trained field engineers. All ASP’s are backed directly by ASTI’s engineering and development teams. ASP’s act as an extension of the ASTI service team, ensuring that customers receive the same high-level quality care and support received directly from ASTI.

Become an ASTI ASP

Join the international network of ASTI Authorized Service Providers (ASP) and develop a profitable service business that complements your technology sales. ASTI provides the right training, branding, and resources to help you differentiate your business in your targeted markets.

The ASTI Authorized Service Provider (ASP) Program provides many benefits not available to other service providers:

  • Regional or worldwide qualification
  • Training and certification as an ASTI ASP
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Service provider technical call center
  • Access to ASTI’s intellectual property
  • ASTI certified replacement parts
  • Access to the Technical Support call center
  • Professional services available for advanced needs
  • Revenue share opportunities on service agreements and other sales initiatives

Stay on top of the latest innovations that ASTI has to offer while developing a profitable service business. To learn more about becoming an Authorized Service Provider and open territories and markets, please contact ASTI 719-593-7900.

ASTI’s worldwide service coverage is extensive. For a list of Authorized Service Providers in your area, please contact ASTI’s ASP Manager at 719-593-4168.        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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