Press 6/22/16

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc., a New Sony Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller, Plans to Revolutionize Data Archiving Technology

Data archiving leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. is now an authorized Sony Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller. The collaboration with Sony positions ASTI to deliver revolutionary new data storage archiving solutions.

June 22, 2016 – Colorado Springs, CO - Data archiving leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), has announced that they are now an authorized Sony Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller.

The synergistic arrangement highlights the capabilities and resources of both companies. ASTI has decades of experience developing, manufacturing, and supporting state-of-the-art professional data storage archiving solutions for a wide-range of industries including healthcare, financial, legal, government and more. Sony has designed Optical Disc Archive technology to meet the extremely stringent storage and performance requirements of the media and entertainment industry.

With ASTI’s long history of optical technology evolving from the early 1980’s, the company’s attraction to Sony’s systems was understandable. “ASTI continually researches storage technologies that might complement our internal development efforts,” added ASTI V.P., Tim Summers. “The Sony Optical Disc Archive products offer the most advanced optical technology on the market, far surpassing previous generations of optical technologies and other products available in the current marketplace, with the added bonus of an impressive product roadmap.”

The combination of these unique capabilities places ASTI in an excellent position to deliver a revolutionary new data storage archiving solution. The next generation solution incorporates a modular approach allowing customers to design an archive platform with any combination of on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid, with centralized monitoring, control, and management of the entire archiving ecosystem. The optional high-performance optical tier provides the assurance that data is permanently stored and protected over the long-term. The solution is tightly integrated with Sony Optical Disc Archive products and offers excellent total cost of ownership, high capacity footprint, and exemplary performance. ASTI anticipates that the new solution will solidify the industry perception that optical is the most desirable technology for data archiving.

“Sony enthusiastically welcomes Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. as an Optical Disc Archive Solutions Reseller. With their extensive archiving experience, existing large install base, and established sales channel, they bring great value to Sony,” said Alan Gagliardotto of Sony. “ASTI’s broad reach into many industries complements Sony’s focus on media and entertainment. ASTI is positioned to expand adoption of Optical Disc Archive technologies into new markets while delivering integrated archiving solutions that will greatly benefit customers.” ASTI partner affiliations include world class value added resellers, channel partners, distributors, and authorized service providers, each hand selected to provide customers with best-in-class technology, sales, service, and support.

“Optical science and technology have continued to evolve with Sony’s state of the art developments at the forefront. Incorporating these recent innovations makes good sense from a business perspective and for our customers”, emphasized Chris Carr, CEO. “We are very excited about the release of our upcoming archive solution and the Sony relationship which will enable us to reach new and existing markets.” According to Carr, general availability of the integrated solution is targeted for Q2 2016.

ASTI continues their legacy of optical data archiving with groundbreaking new products and features that ultimately result in newer and more efficient methods of archiving data, with improved flexibility, and a greater level of customer satisfaction. To learn more about the ASTI’s archive solutions contact ASTI directly: 719-593-7900.


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