Professional Data Archiving Products Overview

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) develops and manufactures products and solutions specifically for professional data archiving. Thousands of organizations use ASTI archive solutions worldwide across a wide variety of markets and applications, including medical, financial, government, insurance, and surveillance. Archiving products can be configured for each customer’s specific environment and are suitable for small organizations up to the largest enterprise or government.

These innovative archiving solutions feature modular, flexible architecture and are adaptable to any business or industry. The multi-faceted architecture is equipped with features that address the contemporary requirements of data storage infrastructures such as compliance with industry regulations, disaster recovery, high-availability, and the benefits of the Cloud. Solutions combine high-performance and scalability with the long-term stability of optical Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology providing the foundation for successfully meeting and exceeding today’s challenging regulatory demands.

As a quality, full-service manufacturer, ASTI offers a wide-range of service and preventive maintenance options in support of all solutions and is the exclusive supplier of Plasmon libraries and certified parts. Additionally, ASTI offers support and spare parts for legacy archiving libraries and jukeboxes.

Hallmarks of the ASTI/Plasmon product lines include:

  • Long term preservation of critical data for 50+ years
  • Permanence
  • Flexibility
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Designed-in Disaster Recovery
  • Incremental Scalability

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