Network Attached Storage Solutions

Network Attached Storage Solutions

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) has developed the Network Attached Storage (NAS) Archive Appliance product line with modular architecture and design in order to provide customers with an optimized data archiving solution.

ASTI’s NAS solutions are designed specifically for data archiving and incorporate features that can substantially reduce business risks and costs. These regulatory compliant network storage solutions meet the most stringent requirements for archiving data securely over the long-term.

Modular Architecture and Design

Businesses and enterprises can now create a flexible and adaptable archiving solution specific to the needs of the organization according to capacity, scalability, performance, features, and budget. These highly configurable systems combine hardware components and software features to derive a solution customized for immediate archiving needs and adaptable for the future. Designed-in scalability features offer the assurance of investment protection.

An Integrated All-Inclusive Network Attached Storage Solution

ASTI’s Archive Appliance line of NAS storage devices combine all of the resources necessary for managing and storing archive data effectively over the long-term. Systems consist of a Storage Management System (SMS), the upfront server with RAID hard disk storage, preconfigured Archive Management Software (AMS), and an optical storage library or desktop model. Optionally, the Cloud can be added to create a CiS data archiving ecosystem.

ASTI NAS solutions integrate three modular components each offering an individual level of configurability. Note that some software features may drive specific hardware requirements.

  • Optical Libraries - Select from a variety of field-proven and reliable scalable optical libraries ranging from Desktop to fully automated Entry-Midrange and Enterprise libraries.
  • Storage Management System (SMS) - The SMS is the up-front server system with RAID. Two models are available: Standard, or the Elite offering increased power, performance, and high-availability of hardware components.
  • Archive Management Software (AMS) - As an integral part of the solution, the flexible software provides all the capabilities necessary for proficiently and effectively archiving, managing, and randomly accessing data. Add standard preconfigured Archive Management Software or optionally include one or more of the available optional features:
    • Encryption
    • Replication
    • Cloud