Enterprise Archiving Solutions

NETArchive Enterprise Archives

The scalable architecture of the NETArchive Enterprise libraries enables businesses and organizations to implement an archiving system with the required balance of capacity and performance while permanently preserving, securing, and accessing your valuable digital assets.

There are a variety of standard configurations from which to choose with a master library and an impressive maximum of up to 5 extension libraries and 18 drives. The master library integrates with other system components to complete the overall NETArchive solution including the Archive Management Software (AMS) and Storage Management System with RAID. The rack mounted system components are designed to minimize robotics and moving parts increasing long-term reliability and conserving IT floor space.

Designed to handle very large archives up to 2.5 PB of nearline storage with virtually limitless offline media management, the NETArchive Enterprise libraries and drives deliver groundbreaking performance. Drives connect with the Storage Management System (SMS) via high-speed fibre channel communications, offering the highest level of performance and reliability.

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Solution Features

Enterprise Solution Features

  • High capacity & performance from 48TB to 2.5PB of nearline data in a single rack
  • Simple installation with standard network services (dual 1GB Ethernet)
  • Integrated SMS server offers superior operational efficiency
    • Provides a high-speed, high-capacity hardware foundation for archiving large amounts of unstructured data
    • Supports incremental, non-disruptive scaling of libraries and drives
  • Flexible, scalable configurations adapt to any sized business or organization
  • High speed fiber channel library connection optimizes drive/media accessibility
  • Space efficient modular rack mount components (366TB per square foot) - A/V Rack
  • Highly reliable robotics with 6-axis motion
  • Scalable robotics traverse the entire system through all libraries minimizing moving components and increasing reliability
  • Optional redundant power supplies for high availability
  • 8Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity to drives
  • Write Once ODA Media Cartridges protecting media from exposure
  • Advanced optical drive design with quad optical heads and multiple data channels for faster reads and writes
    • High speed 10K+RPM ensures fastest optical transfer speeds
    • Drives feature internal multi-platter loading mechanism


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