IBM 3995 Promo

ASTI Can Help Support Your IBM 3995 with an Upgrade and Services Program

IBM support for the 3995 Optical Library has ended. Are you prepared?

IBM‘s end-of-service on the 3995 systems occurred on December 2010 making it essential to secure a supported storage solution for your critical data. The IBM 3995 Upgrade and Services Program makes it easy for you to transition to new, supported optical libraries.

Now you can retain your current media without the pain of migrating to a disk-based solution. In addition, you can even trade in legacy systems and receive a discount on a new ASTI library, providing even greater savings and the most cost-effective long-term archival solution.

  • Take Away the Pain of Data Migrations - Both ASTI and IBM libraries use MO (Magneto-optical) media making it possible to move current media to new systems without the complications and risks of data migration. We can help you easily transition to a new library.
  • Stay Happy on Optical Technology - You already know the benefits of optical storage technology. Continue to trust optical technology for critical data and continue to enjoy a positive ROI through long-term use.
  • Retain Your Existing Data and Media - ASTI G-Series libraries will support IBM media with backwards read compatibility so you can keep critical data on the media you trust for long-term reliability.
  • Scalable Long-Term Solutions  - Our libraries offer the ultimate in investment protection. With capacities from 220GB up to 76TB, our libraries are scalable to meet your capacity needs.
  • Most Cost-Efficient Solution - Green technology libraries offer lower TCO than other types of data storage devices. After the data is permanently written on the media, it no longer requires a constant power source to maintain the data. This feature potentially reduces operating costs up to 75% (power and cooling), significantly lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Solutions include Best-In-Class Global Services - You can be assured that you will receive the very best in world-wide, on-site maintenance services for new optical libraries through ASTI Service Direct programs and our authorized global service partner network.
  • Full-Service Resource Provider - As a full-service provider, ASTI manufactures libraries, drives, media and parts for all current ASTI / Plasmon® product lines. Whether it’s ongoing system maintenance and support, product upgrades, software updates, parts, or authentic UDO™ media – ASTI is the single-source you need.

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What are my options?


Move the MO Media to ASTI Libraries
Purchase ASTI G-Series libraries that will support MO media with backwards read compatibility so you can keep critical data on the media you trust.

  • Protects your investment in MO media
  • Backwards compatibility provides investment protection
  • Move to up-to-date technology and continue using the same media

Select an ASTI Library with Mixed Drives (MO and UDO™)
Reads and writes data on two different media types quickly and easily within one library. This option removes the pain and risk of migrating data to a new solution.

  • Read legacy MO media and write to new UDO™ media
  • Allows you to transition to UDO™ higher capacity media
  • Move to up-to-date technology and continue using the same media
  • Dual media offers investment protection

Upgrade to a UDO™ Archive Appliance and Gain the Benefit of an All-In-One Networked Attached Storage (NAS) Solution

  • You can begin storing valuable data on expandable, scalable systems. Meets current regulatory requirements for data archiving
  • Allows you to migrate data one time instead of the many required with tape and disk solutions
  • Higher capacity drives
  • RAID cache provides faster throughput

ASTI technical sales staff are on hand to answer questions. Terms and conditions apply. Contact 719.593.7900, or fill out the form the the right for additional information. 


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