Built on Alliance Storage Technology’s Archive Management Software (AMS) Platform, NETArchive™ is a revolutionary new solution that reduces business risks, secures data unaltered, enables regulatory compliance, and simplifies operations. NETArchive™ high-performance storage, answers the demand for an enterprise-class, long-term data archive, at a price point comparable to tape and disk. Delivering the ability to safely and affordably store, secure, protect and recover your data for 100+ years, NETArchive provides a modular architecture consisting of high performance disk, cloud and optical tiers. With support for on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, NETArchive delivers elastic scalability with simplified, cross-platform management and unrivaled control. It delivers a flexible, robust and secure solution that can be tailored to meet the data management, business continuity and long-term retention requirements in today’s complex business and IT environments.

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Business Challenges

Top Indicators that you need NETArchive

  • Reducing risks associated with data loss is important to your organization.
  • Consistent security and protection throughout your IT infrastructure is of foremost concern for data on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Non-disruptive system growth and extensibility as well as investment protection are a priority.
  • Your expensive Tier 1 primary storage is overwhelmed with static/cold data.
  • Decreasing overhead costs associated with preserving cold data is a priority to you.
  • You need to retain data in compliance with corporate mandates or government regulations.
  • You need to preserve data accurately and in its purest-- unalterable state.
  • You need to access data quickly for discovery, recovery and business continuity.
  • Your backup storage tier is insufficient to handle current and growing volumes of data.
  • Backing up Tier 1 storage to tape is very slow and can exceed your backup window.
  • You are tired of the hassles with tape and the compounding expenses of disk.

Alliance has developed a comprehensive archiving needs assessment that facilitates the process of determining the features and functions needed for your operation. Contact Alliance today to find out more 719.593.7900.


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