Professional Services

Professional Services

Break through your data archiving challenges with Alliance's Professional Services!

Professional services are available for sustaining support assistance that might be needed outside of typical maintenance agreement coverage. Services available include: media cleaning and analysis, repair, and time and material support and more. As business needs increase, technical support personnel are at the ready to support onsite upgrades and expansions to existing highly configurable libraries.

Data migrations can be a time consuming and challenging process. Using Alliance’s professional services, data migrations can be planned with confidence. Highly skilled technicians will provide the support and expertise needed to ensure a smooth transition. 

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Service Options

On-site Time and Materials Service

Need support and do not have an Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc (Alliance) service plan? No problem - Alliance can help get equipment operational again by providing an analysis of error logs and a repair estimate. A qualified field engineer will be sent out to the site to perform repairs needed to get equipment back online and operational. Billing will be based upon time and materials used for the corrective actions performed. Once the equipment is back operational take advantage of a full service maintenance plan with special rates and features.

Alliance field engineers can help with the following:

  • Equipment relocations
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Repairs
  • Emergency response outside of contractual parameters

Contact Alliance Sales to get a quote or estimate (719) 593-7900 or submit a Request for Quote.

Depot Repair

Equipment can be sent directly to the Alliance manufacturing repair facility where it will be repaired and shipped back recertified to standards. Billing will be based upon time and materials used for the corrective actions performed. Once equipment is back into production, take advantage of a full service maintenance plan – Click here to view plan benefits and details.

Any item that is sent into the Alliance repair facility requires a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number that facilitates tracking within the depot. Click here to access the online RMA Request Form. Once a RMA number is obtained, the items must be returned to Alliance within 30 days, with the RMA number clearly marked on the shipping label or outside carton. All items will be inspected and tested upon receipt.

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