About Us

About Alliance Storage Technologies

Alliance Storage Technologies is the leading provider of optical, cloud and hybrid data archiving solutions. With over 20 years of domain expertise, Alliance has led the industry in the advancement of optical storage technology. Today, its solutions are the most widely deployed around the globe, with over 17,000 field-proven implementations across business critical environments and highly regulated industries, including financial services, healthcare, security and surveillance, multi-media and the public sector.

Recognizing that organizations should not have to choose between compliance, performance and efficiency, Alliance’s solutions are designed from the ground up to archive, manage, optimize, and secure critical information on-premises, in the cloud and hybrid environments to meet the demands of today’s exponential data growth and long-term retention requirements.

Known for its commitment to providing every account with exceptional service, from first contact through the life of the relationship, Alliance has earned an exemplary customer service reputation with 24 x 7 global support and a worldwide authorized service provider network.

Technology and Innovation 

Alliance has led the market in creating solutions that keep customers ahead of the curve while driving higher performance, greater efficiency and stringent security to minimize risk and exposure.

For organizations that demand an adaptive, modular, unalterable and compliant information archive for decades upon decades to come, the Alliance Archive Management Software (AMS) Platform delivers a flexible, cost-efficient, highly optimized storage solution that secures and ensures data retention and business continuity, from the departmental level to the enterprise. AMS manages the entire data lifecycle on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid-cloud configuration with single pane of glass management, providing the flexibility, scalability and ease that dynamic organizations require to support rapidly growing data volumes and changing business requirements.

Built on the AMS platform, the NETArchive flagship product provides a flexible and modular architecture consisting of high performance disk, cloud and optical tiers. Today, more that 80% of enterprise data is static content sitting on expensive, Tier 1 storage. NETArchive enables organizations to move this data and free up critical primary storage to increase performance and dramatically reduce costs.

With support for on-premises installations and cloud-based deployments in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud, NETArchive delivers elastic scalability with simplified, cross-platform management and unrivaled control.

Competitive Advantage

Alliance has two decades innovating the technologies that have evolved the storage industry. Unlike any other solution on the market, Alliance’s AMS platform enhances business data retention with game-changing archiving flexibility, performance and cost efficiency, so organizations can retain data without the compromises faced with alternate tape and disk technologies.

With modular and scalable solutions designed specifically for high performance, adaptability and compliance—Alliance solutions are future-proofed for decades, not years. The AMS Platform and NETArchive lead the industry in helping customers archive, manage, optimize and secure critical information assets.

Alliance continues to enhance and perfect its visionary long-term archiving solutions based on continuously evolving real-world customer requirements. That is why it remains the #1 most trusted solution, in business critical environments to those in most highly regulated industries, to ensure authenticity and security to meet the most stringent requirements on-premises, into the cloud and back again.