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SMB SolutionsNETArchive Solution for Small to Medium Archives 

Archives of any size require enterprise-level security, performance, preservation, and management. The NETArchive for small to medium archives delivers those qualities with an integrated solution that supports up to 15TB of nearline storage with an unlimited capacity for management of offlined media.

All NA-S10U Network Attached solution components operate in synchronous to deliver high-performance and high-capacity in a desktop mini-rack or standard rack. System components include the Archive Management Software Pro (AMS Pro), Storage Management System (SMS) with RAID, and a NA-S10U library and drives. Systems can be configured with one or two drives and up to 10, 1.5TB ODA1 media cartridges.

Click to download the NA-S10U Library datasheet.

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Solution Features


  • Excellent solution for small to medium archives
  • Compact size optimized for an office environment
    • No special environmental conditions required
    • Desktop mini-rack or standard rackmount options
  • Provides a high-speed, high-capacity hardware foundation for archiving large amounts of unstructured data
  • Simple installation with standard network services (dual 1GB Ethernet)
  • Integrated server offers superior operational efficiency
  • Highly reliable, fully automated robotics
  • Supports 1 or 2 optical ODA1 Drives
  • Optional redundant power supply for high availability
  • Convenient pullout media drawer for fast loading and media exchanges
  • Up to 15 TB Capacity with up to 10, 1.5 TB Write Once ODA1 Media Cartridges
  • Operates in conjunction with other system components including the SMS and AMS
  • SMS to Drives Connectivity - Super Speed USB 3.0
  • Advanced optical drive design with dual optical heads and data channels
    • High speed 10K+RPM ensures fastest optical transfer speeds
    • Drives feature multi-platter loading mechanism