Security and Risk Management

Reduce Risk and Secure Data Before It Results In Damage

Security and Risk Management is a daunting task and protecting information is a critical security objective for every organization. There are many known threats that can exploit vulnerabilities and impact valuable assets, such as data loss, security breaches, information leaks, hackers, and ransomware attacks. Many of these risks can be costly, time-consuming and negatively impact your operations and reputation. The process of managing the risk associated with an organization’s information and data assets usually starts with identifying, analyzing and reducing the areas of risk. Below are some common areas of Security and Risk that organizations are facing today.

Areas of Security and Risk

  Security Risk P1 Security Risk P2 

Security Risk P3 Security Risk P4

Alliance Storage Technologies remains unrivaled in its dedication and effectiveness in protecting critical data assets. Alliance's Data Archive Solution features have been developed specifically for reducing risks associated with data security, confidentiality, integrity, resiliency and availability of an organization’s data assets. Among its key differentiators are embedded Encryption, High-Availability Replication and TRUE WORM storage technology.

Alliance helps secure your data assets and eliminate risk!

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