Global Support

Providing World Class Service and Support to Customers Worldwide
Alliance is committed to providing every customer with exemplary customer service from first contact through the life of the relationship. Alliance brings extensive industry knowledge to its product line with over 20 years experience producing and servicing storage technologies. In support of the over 17,000 libraries in the field, Alliance has provided continuous, high-quality worldwide support and maintenance services. 

For almost every organization, downtime is an unacceptable situation that compromises workflow, competitiveness, and revenues. A comprehensive support service strategy is critical to ensure that vital information resources are available when needed. Availability of data can be maximized, and downtime of mission critical systems minimized, with Alliance services and support.

As a quality, ISO 9001 certified full-service manufacturer, Alliance provides a wide-range of service and preventive maintenance options in support of all solutions. Support and spare parts are available for current and legacy archiving libraries. Additionally, Alliance is the exclusive supplier of certified Plasmon libraries and parts.

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