Business Continuity

Business Continuity

As organizational data continues to grow by 50% year over year, so does backup windows. This can negatively impact a number of areas, including system performance. Alliance Storage Technologies enables you to move static or untouched data into a solution that offers not only fast backup, but fast recovery of data. Likewise, copies of business critical data can also be archived onto a lower cost storage tier. The result is the ability to shrink your backup window and improve performance, as well as assure disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (with a permanent copy of last resort).

Alliance's data archive solutions survive disasters:
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Alliance’s Business Continuity Solutions

Disaster Recovery capabilities are integral to the design of Alliance's data archiving solutions. Several alternatives are available for maintaining business continuity and access to valuable archived data in the event of a disruption.


 Replication for High Availability

replicationThe Replication option enables data to be replicated automatically to one or more additional libraries in separate geographical locations creating total redundancy between libraries. Critical business operations are maintained by quickly switching libraries from active to passive as events dictate. Businesses and organizations can rely on the Replication option for fast RTO and RPO and continuous availability of valuable business data through the worst of disasters.

All data, or specific types of data, can be designated for replication through the creation of flexible archiving policies within the Archive Management Software application. The easy-to-use interface enables the creation of volumes for different types of data or classes of data such as mission critical, vital, top secret, etc., as required.

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