County Clerks, Records Retention

As the City or County Clerk, you are ultimately responsible for the safekeeping, retention and disposition of public records.  Though Clerk responsibilities may vary by jurisdiction, the Clerk’s ultimate responsibility is to ensure the long-term retention and protection of this data.  

The Clerk must ensure the safekeeping of records such as those related to the criminal justice system, elections, real estate and property tax records, birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, passport applications, and other documents.

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Financial Services

The financial services sector is among the largest industries in the world. While each sector under the financial services umbrella may have subtly different regulatory requirements, and countries around the world likewise impose unique regulatory requirements – for instance, FINRA and Sarbanes-Oxley in the U.S. and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU – every global financial institution has an obligation to retain, protect, secure and maintain access to its data for long periods of time. In addition to its unique data protection and security features, Alliance Storage Technologies provides industry-critical capabilities such as the ability to seamlessly migrate data into an archival storage solution on-premises and/or in the cloud and retrieve content on-demand.

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Healthcare organizations around the world are creating data at a dizzying rate as more and more patient records, lab results and medical images to internal operations/back-office applications and information move online. Even hand-written prescriptions are becoming a distant memory, as technology advancements enable leaps forward in how healthcare is delivered and managed.  State laws and federal mandates have followed suit – with regulations such as the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and others dictating how this information must be stored and for how long. Which in most cases is decades, if not indefinitely. Alliance Storage Technologies offers healthcare IT professionals’ options ranging from on-premise to cloud and hybrid, and critical features such as data encryption and replication to meet their unique regulatory and budgetary requirements.

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Public Sector

The speed at which the digital landscape has changed for the public sector has created a number of challenges for IT managers and public information officers. To meet regulatory requirements, as well as be prepared to respond to open records requests from the public and peer agencies, government organizations need solutions that enable them to efficiently and cost effectively archive, find and retrieve a vast range of electronic content and communications. From military records, to driver’s licenses, to government official emails, Alliance Storage Technologies has developed specific long-term data retention archiving solutions for government applications.

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Security & Surveillance

From private institutions, to local and federal law enforcement and investigation, to the military, a vast amount of data is being created. Contributing greatly to this data growth is the use of surveillance cameras to seek, observe and record persons and activity. Legislation, regulations and privacy laws strictly govern the collection and storage of this data.  Alliance Storage Technologies solutions meet the long-term challenges associated with the resilient, secure and private storage of high-performance digital video surveillance, while respecting the budgetary restrictions applied to local and federal agencies and organizations.

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