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 Optical Archive for Ransomware Protection



Important Alert - FBI Warning:

Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

As you may have seen, Federal agencies have issued an unprecedented warning against “an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers.” While the recent warnings are focused on the healthcare industry, it is important to note that the ransomware involved is not specific to any particular industry. If you have important data stored on your computer or network, you are at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. Recovery can be difficult, timely and very costly.

One of the Ransomware Best Practices recommended by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in the Ransomware Guide;

Use the 3-2-1 rule as a guideline for backup practices. The rule states that three copies of all critical data are retained on at least two different types of media and at least one of them is stored offline.

The NETArchive solution is built upon the 3-2-1 strategy, incorporating this best practice into your infrastructure to ensure your company's data is protected from ransomware. NETArchive automates the movement of data within the internal storage tiers on RAID, Optical and Cloud, so you don’t have to manage it. Best of all, once data is written it is permanently protected from being changed, deleted or altered in any way, providing unmatched data resilience and recoverability!

There are many steps to ransomware prevention, but most important is protecting your critical data from being encrypted by ransomware where cybercriminals can then demand you pay a large sum of money to get your data back.


The NETArchive solution can protect business data against ransomware   


 3 2 1          


Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) is the manufacturer of purpose built Professional Data Archiving Solutions that are specifically designed to secure and protect corporate critical data. We are implementing Optical Disc Archiving to prevent Ransomware attacks for many customer today!

Contact our ASTI team today to get your NETArchive Data Archive Solution working for your data protection today!


 Click on the link to read the full report of the CISA Alert Summary.


Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Technology

The Sony Optical Disc Archive offer the most advanced optical technology on the market, far surpassing previous generations of optical technologies and other products available in the current marketplace.  Sony Optical Disc Archive products offer an excellent total cost of ownership, high capacity footprint, and exemplary performance, resultiing in a highly desirable data archiving technology.

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Effective Storage Strategies: 
Implementing an Archive Tier to Reduce Costs

The proliferation of unstructured data consumes countless terabytes and even petabytes of Tier 1 storage across almost every data center.

Reducing the costs associated with managing and preserving that data is of utmost concern.

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Upgrade & Expansion Options for Customers
Using Magneto Optical (MO) Media

All production of Magneto Optical (MO) media has been discontinued. Sony, the last manufacturer to produce MO media, has also announced discontinuation of the product in all formats (9.1GB, 5.2GB, 2.6GB).

Do you have a strategy in place for storing new data while continuing to read and access your important data stored on MO media?

Alliance offers tangible options that will enable you to continue operating on trusted optical technology without the headache of migrations. Alliance has a comprehensive technical knowledge of MO libraries and media and can guide you through the process of developing a strategy that will enable you to continue accessing your valuable stored data.

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Legacy Archive Solutions Overview

Alliance’s Plasmon brand archiving solutions are built for long-term data retention and have been available for over 25 years. Built to last, many legacy archive libraries continue to be in use today. Over the years, Alliance has developed libraries, media, enabling software, and support services designed to satisfy customer’s data storage needs.

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Optical Media - True Archive media

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) has more than three decades of expertise in the research, development, and manufacture of optical storage media. Optical media storage is most frequently used in archive applications that demand secure, long-term retention of records. ASTI’s business philosophy and products are based upon an equally long-term support model, including support for current and past generations of optical media. 

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Stand Alone Drives

ASTI offers an assortment of optical archive drives for new installations within other computer systems and medical devices, and external optical drives for use on the desktop.

Drives for internal use in current and legacy libraries are available as replacements.

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Direct Attached Archive Storage

directattachedASTI’s direct attached libraries are the market leader for professional archiving solutions. The direct attached libraries are designed for long term data storage archiving and are controlled through a SCSI direct attached interface. They are ideal in circumstances where a software infrastructure or a storage area network is in place, or specific connectivity requirements are necessary.

Direct Attached libraries are compatible with many industry leading software applications. Alliance Storage Technologies collaborates with leading software vendors to optimize the return on investment.

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