Cloud Archiving
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Cloud Archiving with Hybrid Cloud Storage 

Hybrid Cloud Storage

The Cloud Archiving feature is an optional add-on to the Archive Management Software (AMS). This feature enables the Storage Management System (SMS) to act as a Cloud Gateway with both WIndows Azure and Amazon S3 storage. Designed specifically for data archiving, the Cloud Archiving feature incorporates features that can substantially reduce business risks and costs.

Tightly integrated with the standard AMS interface and policy engine, hybrid cloud storage may be utilized with any data archive. Data can be seamlessly written to cloud and/or optical archives, depending on archive data requirements. All data stored anywhere within the data archiving ecosystem, whether online, in the cloud, or on optical storage can be viewed and accessed seamlessly.

All of the AMS features, functions, and monitoring capabilities applicable to optical media are applied to the Cloud Archives as well, providing a simple cloud archiving on-boarding approach. Special menu functions are enabled for entering Cloud provider details and account keys.

Add Security to your Cloud Archive Data

The Data Encryption option is highly recommended for data stored in the Cloud, as this ensures protection of data from unauthorized access and compliance with such mandates as the HIPAA HITECH act. With the Data Encryption option, data is encrypted prior to being migrated to the Cloud or optical media. All encryption keys are stored and protected for disaster recovery purposes and prevention of unauthorized access by cloud service providers, hackers or others attempting to gain access to data stored in the cloud. 

ASTI Cloud Archiving provides the safest strategy for data archiving in the Cloud!


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