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Data Archiving with Tape has Inherent Risk

Data Archiving is the process of moving fixed content data off of the current production system storage to specialized long-term archival storage systems.  This optimizes the performance of production system resources (space optimization, data backups) while providing cost efficiencies.

While tape mediums make sense for data backup, which require short-term retention and reuse, tape is not appropriate for data archiving. 

Tape Archiving Risk and Efficiency issues include:

  • Tape was designed for backup
  • Tape is a fragile media made of a thin magnetic film that wears with use.
  • Tape is rewriteable media with Software WORM, not truly protecting data for compliance.
  • Tape degrades over time, requiring constant monitoring and must be stored in a climate controlled environment. 
  • With a limited shelf life, data migrations will be required over time.  This is a costly, time consuming process.
  • Backward compatibility is limited, which will require technology refreshes over time.
  • Write verify performance is slow, which adversely affects data archiving speeds.

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NETArchive True WORM Archive Storage Eliminates the Risk of Tape Archiving 

ODA Media

  • NETArchive media was designed for archival storage and long- term record retention.
  • NETArchive media is non-magnetic and laser reads without making physical contact so there is no media wear
  • NETArchive is TRUE WORM, it is physically impossible to modify data once written, meeting the strictest regulatory compliance requirements.
  • NETArchive media is extremely robust and offers an archival life estimate of greater than 100 years
  • NETArchive media has extremely stable shelf life, requires no periodic maintenance and is much less sensitive to environmental conditions
  • NETArchive AMS backward compatibility basically eliminates the need for technology refreshes.
  • Random access media allows for high performance read / write operations to the active archive.


netarchiveproducts3The NETArchive is designed for professional data archiving and its advanced features provides the ultimate data protection.  With secure authenticated access to all data, and with optional data encryption and high availability replication, all data is secured from exposure.  Additionally, all files that need to be protected are archived in a permanent, unalterable state that is 100% secure, providing the highest level of data authenticity, unmatched by tape, disk, or other backup media technologies using software-based WORM emulation. Alliance data archiving solutions have been meeting the compliance, protection and permanence needs of corporations and government agencies for over 30 years.

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