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Alliance Storage Technologies Announces NETArchive Express, Providing Compliant Hybrid Archive Storage for the SMB Market

NETArchive Express Incorporates a Scalable Modular Architecture with Unrivaled Performance and Capacity and an Excellent TCO.  

Colorado Springs, CO (May 30, 2018)  

Alliance Storage Technologies, the leading provider of hybrid cloud data archiving solutions, today announced NETArchive Express (NAE), designed specifically for the SMB market’s unstructured data archiving needs.

The NAE is specifically designed for those organizations that require compliant archive storage at a smaller scale or prefer cloud based archives of any size, but do not wish to compromise on enterprise level archiving features.

As the newest offering in the NETArchive product portfolio, NETArchive Express provides an excellent entry level option for customers. The NAE offers an optical archive storage tier that meets regulatory mandates for the protection of data, such as required by healthcare and financial markets. The integrated Archive Management Software (AMS) platform provides seamless management of all the archive storage tiers. With Cloud Integrated Storage options for Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure object storage, data can be simultaneously archived to the cloud as the primary or secondary storage locations, while maintaining your most recently accessed data on integrated RAID storage for rapid access.  

Irv Aragon, the Systems Manager with The Housing Authority of the County of Alameda said, “With our NETArchive hybrid cloud storage configuration, we now have an online copy for immediate access which has noticeably improved our archiving speed, a permanent unalterable onsite WORM copy ensuring authenticity of data, and a copy on Amazon cloud storage, providing automatic offsite backup and peace of mind. I sleep much better knowing NETArchive is seamlessly protecting my critical data assets”.

With built-in elasticity and scalability, the NETArchive product family scales from the NAE’s optical capacity of 3 TBytes and provides up to 1.6 PBytes of automated nearline optical storage, with up to 72TBytes of RAID cache, providing investment protection.

“With the introduction of our newest product, the NETArchive Express,” said Chris Carr, CEO of Alliance Storage Technologies, “SMB and department level data archiving requirements can be met at an affordable price without sacrificing important enterprise archiving features. NETArchive Express provides an excellent incremental TCO value, with an active archive storage tier ensuring customers maintain control and protection of their critical data and regulatory compliance needs are satisfied. With NETArchive technology, data is stored in an unalterable state impervious to magnetic interference, heat, humidity, water, EMP or solar Flares, hardware failures, pollution, deletion, power surges, warping, viruses and Ransomware.”

The NETArchive Express offers compliant long-term data retention, an unmatched level of data durability and security with a permanent WORM compliant copy of last resort backed by a 100+ year media warranty. Incorporating optional enterprise features for data archiving and data protection such as AES-256 data encryption and key management, industry standard authentication, built-in data backup and recovery options, high-availability data replication, all managed through an intuitive and easily configured policy based web based interface, NETArchive meets the needs of the most demanding data archiving environments.

About Alliance Storage Technologies

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of cloud and optical data archiving solutions. The company's flagship product, NETArchive® gives organizations the most reliable, unalterable, secure archive that protects data for decades not just years. Alliance's solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide and meet the most stringent regulatory requirements with game-changing performance and efficiency at an unrivaled price, so customers can actively archive, manage, optimize and secure critical information assets with confidence.

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