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Madison County Circuit Clerk's Office Chooses NETArchive From Alliance Storage Technologies

NETArchive Protects Madison County Circuit Clerk's Court Records with Fast, Secure Data Archiving and High Availability Replication  

Colorado Springs, CO (July 11, 2018)  

Alliance Storage Technologies, the leading provider of hybrid cloud data archiving solutions, announces a customer win at Madison County Circuit Clerk's Office in Madison County, Illinois, responsible for filing, recording and certifying state and local court cases and related court documents. Multiple Alliance Professional Archiving Systems are now installed to meet their requirements to protect, secure and ensure immediate and continued access to court data. 

NA S10

With a new State of Illinois mandate requiring that civil court records are electronically stored and available for real-time access, the Circuit Clerk's Office was concerned that the potential for added workload might overwhelm their existing data archiving infrastructure. It was imperative that sub-second access is provided to court records while ensuring that their IBM iSeries server is not overwhelmed and that access to archive data be distributed to the archive storage tier. The Circuit Clerk's Office had to simultaneously ensure that if a Disaster Recovery event should occur, that they could be back up and running in minutes.

The solution consists of a NETArchive S10 Network Attached Storage (NAS) which is the primary active archive, with a fully integrated high-performance server, large RAID capacity, I/O backplane to support the increased workloads and Sony's Optical Disc Archive technology providing highly scalable optical capacities of up to 1.6 PBytes with groundbreaking optical drive I/O performance. The Circuit Clerk's existing UDO Archive Appliance, in service for 10 years, will now act as the passive high availability system in the replication pair. With all original data being easily synchronized (replicated) between the two systems, they are ready for immediate failover should it be required. This integrates seamlessly with the JANO® Justice Case Management System running on their IBM iSeriesTM Server.

"Access times have been greatly improved," said Brian Davis, Manager Application Support of The Madison County Circuit Court Office. "Where data access previously required direct media access, taking 20 seconds on average, it is now virtually instantaneous. By utilizing the NETArchive's RAID storage tier to cache our archived court records, we have ensured that we can meet Illinois State mandates requiring online access to digitized records in an exceptionally timely manner. Importantly, we have also ensured no additional impact to the iSeries System performance by distributing I/O workload to the NETArchive system."

To maximize their ROI, the existing UDO Archive Appliance was implemented as the passive system in the high availability replication pair. The Madison County Circuit Courts Office is now prepared to rapidly respond to any disaster event including cyber attacks such as ransomware. "Installation of the NETArchive with continued usage of the UDO Archive Appliance has allowed us to make the most of our previous investments and fully meet the challenges and goals we identified," said Brian Davis of the Circuit Court Office.

"The NETArchive hybrid cloud data archiving solution offers compliant long-term data retention, an unmatched level of data durability and security, with a permanent WORM compliant copy of last resort backed by a 100-plus-year media warranty," said Chris Carr, CEO, Alliance Storage Technologies. "Incorporating optional enterprise features for data archiving and data protection such as AES-256 data encryption with integrated key management, industry-standard access authentication, built-in data backup and recovery options, and high-availability data replication, NETArchive meets the needs of the most demanding data archiving environments."

About Madison County Circuit Clerk's Office

The Madison County Circuit Clerk's Office mission is to file and process state and local court cases, maintain and certify court records, store court exhibits, clerk trials and process all paper records for the courts. In a typical year, over 65,000 cases are filed and managed by the Madison County Circuit Clerk's office, located in the State of Illinois.

About Alliance Storage Technologies

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of cloud and optical data archiving solutions. The company's flagship product, NETArchive® gives organizations the most reliable, unalterable, secure archive that protects data for decades not just years. Alliance's solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide and meet the most stringent regulatory requirements with game-changing performance and efficiency at an unrivaled price, so customers can actively archive, manage, optimize and secure critical information assets with confidence.

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