Optical Media Cleaning

About Optical Media 

True Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) optical technology has been the media of choice for professional data archiving for many decades with a very long and successful history across many industries.

Its continued high-use for data archiving applications is largely due to its lengthy lifespan (>50 + years) and robust durability; characteristics that make optical the premiere choice for storing valuable data assets.

In general, optical media is very tolerant to contamination and is not typically affected by small particles of debris. (Reference Hurricane Katrina Case Study). However, the environmental conditions related to the system’s location are a major factor regarding media contamination.

UDO and NETArchive optical systems are designed to last many years operating in poor environmental conditions. However, if the environmental conditions persist or degrade over time, there could be issues related to contamination that could result in media errors.

The Optical Media Cleaning brochure is an educational piece that offers tips to optical media customers including:
• How to identify contamination and its impact on readability
• How to determine media cleaning frequency 
• A description of the media cleaning process and what to expect

Download the Optical Media Cleaning brochure by filling out the form to the right.

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Download the Optical Media Cleaning brochure

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