Plasmon AA Enterprise Upgrades

Archive Appliance Enterprise Solutions 

ASTI Technical Support can perform a service assessment that will identify potential upgrades, expansions, and or features currently available for your system. Click on the button to the right to have someone contact you or call ASTI now: 877.585.6793.

Increase System Capacity

  • Scale Capacity Incrementally 
    • Increases nearline storage capacity 
    • Decreases offline media management and increases data retrieval speed 
    • Slot capacity increase within a single footprint available for the AA: 164 
    • Add one or two 200-slot Expansion Bays available for AA: 238 or 438
    • Add a Direct Attached Extension Library to your Archive Appliance system
      • Quick way to increase capacity
      • All data will be archived and retrieved through the Archive Appliance SMS
  • Double the Capacity of Your System with a UDO Drive Upgrade (30GB to 60GB)
    • Continue to read UDO1 30GB while writing new data to higher capacity UDO2 60GB media
    • Doubles your current optical disk data storage capacity without changing footprint
    • Decreases offline media management and library exchanges
    • Extends your library investment over a longer period
    • Saves on media expenditures 

Improve System Performance at a Variety of Levels

  • Improve Operations and Get More Features & Functions 
    • ASTI has continued to enhance, develop and evolve the Archive Management Software which is the hub of the system
    • Increase uptime, minimize service visits and enable rapid general diagnosis of issues
    • Take advantage if the newest developments:
      • Cloud Integrated Storage (CiS) (5.0 releases only)
      • Encryption (5.0 releases only)
      • Replication for high availability
      • Bug fixes, system efficiencies, and Security Vulnerability fixes
    • Archive Management Software upgrade includes 1-year remote service warranty to cover any issues that may be encountered
    • Note: May require controller board upgrade depending upon AA model - check with ASTI
  • Boost Data Recall and Enrich User Experience
    • Adding larger capacity SATA drives increases:
      • User Space - significantly increase RAID cache size and online storage capacity
      • Performance - Upgrading to higher density drives improves user access to most recently written data, reduces bottlenecks and eliminates slow performance
      • Reliability –With HDD industry developments, the higher capacity drives are faster and more reliable. Higher capacity reduces disk retention generally improving overall reliability
    • Upgrade the RAID SATA drives to highest capacity available
  • Augment System Performance by adding UDO Drives 
    • Read more media and retrieve data faster
    • Write more data faster
    • Reduces downtime should a drive failure occur
  • Increase performance with a UDO Drive Upgrade (30GB to 60GB)

Library Upgrade to the UDO Archive Appliance Elite Solution

Get all the features and functions in one single solution. Upgrade to a UDO® Archive Appliance Elite and gain the benefit of an all-in-one Elite Archive Appliance Solution.

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