Press 6/30/16

Data Archiving Leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. Releases Revolutionary New Data Archiving Storage Solution

The NETArchive is a purpose-built data archiving solution that delivers 10 times the performance and 20 times the capacity over prior generations of archiving solutions. Through an innovative modular architecture, NETArchive offers multiple storage tiers to create a robust and secure solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of today’s archive market.

June 30, 2016 – Colorado Springs, CO - Data archiving leader Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. has announced the general availability of their revolutionary new Data Archiving Storage solution

The NETArchive® is a purpose-built data archiving solution offering leading edge technology and features required by today’s modern data centers. The powerful new solution delivers 10 times the data transfer performance over prior generations with near petabyte storage capacity within the archive storage environment. Solution prices are superior to those offered by legacy tape or spinning disk providers with media at less than $.10 per gigabyte. Through an innovative modular architecture, NETArchive offers multiple storage tiers consisting of NAS RAID, optical and cloud to create a robust and secure solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of today’s archive market.

The unique flexible design allows customers to design an archive platform that provides dynamic policy based movement of data to the archive tiers with centralized control, management, and monitoring of the entire archiving ecosystem. “We have learned from our customers as well as our experience in the archiving industry and have applied that knowledge to this new development,” explained Chris Carr, CEO. “The NETArchive is developed explicitly to address the requirements of contemporary IT departments.”

Central to ASTI’s archive storage solution is the Archive Management Software Pro (AMS Pro) which provides the intelligence and functionality necessary to configure and deploy a solution that solves the underlying business challenges associated with long-term data retention. The software streamlines configurable archiving operations and user-defined policies that bring another dimension of versatility to the solution.

AMS Pro supports the noteworthy capabilities of system hardware components including high-speed Fibre Channel or Super USB communications, up to 24TB of nearline RAID storage, and high-performance optical libraries with high-capacity 1.5TB media cartridges. Additional features include variable redundancy options, high availability via replication, cloud storage for archiving and offsite backup, and encryption for increased data security.

Tightly integrated with Sony’s Optical Disc Archive technology, the NETArchive solution re-establishes optical as the best technology for data archiving. “We needed the most secure method for preserving data at the local archive storage tier, and that had to be optical media. Sony Optical Disc Archive products were the best choice because they offered the most advanced optical technology available, with the highest level of reliability, security, performance, and capacity," added Vice President, Tim Summers.

NETArchive adapts to any business, organization, or industry, and provides customers with a more reliable, flexible, secure alternative to tape and disk for permanent storage of archived data at a lower total cost of ownership. With elastic scalability, the solution can accommodate enterprise archives from 45TB to 802.5TB within a single rack, small to medium archives up to 15TB, and simultaneously expand infinitely offline or to the cloud. ASTI offers maintenance support services for NETArchive solutions through their existing worldwide global Service Direct network. Contact ASTI to learn how the NETArchive can change the way you archive data.

ASTI continues their legacy of optical data archiving with groundbreaking new products and features that ultimately result in newer and more efficient methods of archiving data, with improved flexibility, and a greater level of customer satisfaction. To learn more about the ASTI’s archive solutions contact ASTI directly: 719-593-7900.


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