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Archiving with Optical Media - A Critical Component of Archive Solutions

Archive Solutions must offer compliant data storage providing extremely resilient, long-term storage capabilities that meet mandated regulatory compliance initiatives. Hence, the best Archive Media must meet stringent requirements associated with professional archive systems. These requirements include:

 Media Longevity

    • Permanent, long-life media (50 years or greater)
    • Highly stable data recording platform
    • Robust drives and libraries
  • Data Authenticity
    • Unalterable, true WORM
    • Compliance with regulatory mandates
  • Removability / Portability
    • Removable media facilitating disaster recovery
      • Supporting offsite vaulting
      • Supporting offsite data replication
  • Timely Access To Archived Data
    • High random access performance across potentially millions of files
  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
    • Green solution, providing maximum energy efficiency and minimal environmental impact
    • Very low long-term cost
      • No media refreshes required
      • Data at rest does not consume resources