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  • Alliance Storage Technologies Announces NETArchive ODA Generation 3

    Alliance Storage Technologies Announces NETArchive ODA Generation 3

    NETArchive products are getting better in 2021 with the Introduction of Sony Optical Disc Archive Generation 3 (ODA3) next generation optical drives and media technologies.

    With significantly increased storage capacity, 150% faster performance and with backwards read compatibility for prior generations, NETArchive’s seamless integration of this next generation technology makes it easy to take advantage of the groundbreaking advancements of SONY Optical Disc Archive Gen3 now available in 5.5TB capacities.

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    Data durability and data preservation within a completely integrated data archiving solution!

    ASTI as a solutions partner of SONY integrate this new technology into our NETArchive platform providing continued development of groundbreaking advancements in data archiving using a multi-tiered integrated network attached storage (NAS) architecture that leverages the strengths of RAID, SONY ODA and Optional Microsoft or Amazon Cloud storage to meet essential archive requirements in a way that traditional storage products cannot match.

    The NETArchive product family now scales from a capacity of 5.28TB up to 2.8PB of automated near-line optical storage, with increased RAID cache size up to 96TB, plus you can add hybrid cloud, encryption and replication options providing flexibility.  With backward read capability for all prior ODA generations of media and write compatible for both Generation 2 & Generation 3 media, eliminates the need for migrations due to technology refresh.  Our purpose built data archiving solution provides unprecedented performance, scalability, data durability and protection, investment protection, all at a compelling TCO.  

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery while reducing the risk of data loss

    Does your disaster recovery plan include a long-term data archive strategy and a ransomware disaster recovery plan for your companies valuable data assets?


    Join the many companies that trust the NETArchive as the solution to ensure the following:

    • - Data assets cannot be altered once written (True WORM) – original authenticity maintained.
    • - Data assets cannot be ransomed or hacked by any malicious cyber attack (Ransomware).
    • - Data assets cannot be deleted or destroyed by a virus or electromagnetic pulse (EMP).
    • - Data assets are protected against magnetic interference, heat, humidity, water, Solar Flares, bit rot, pollution, warping , power surges, and  accidental deletion.
    • - Data assets are retained and fully accessible for decades, not just a few short years.
    • - Data assets can be confidently stored and protected with easy long term access.
    • - Data assets will not need to be migrated every 3 – 5 years.

    Don’t let your business suffer from downtime! Loss of critical business data can negatively impact an organization’s ability to meet its operational and business objectives, its employee productivity, and its customer satisfaction, all while exposing it to costly recovery expenses and potential compliance violations leading to fines or public exposure.

    Organizations can benefit greatly from archiving static data and optimizing their storage environment. By moving data to an active archive tier one can reclaim expensive primary disk and backup system space, freeing up valuable resources, lowering power, cooling and maintenance costs.  Static records can be confidently stored for 100+ years with a true archive tier within a storage architecture.

    Data Archiving Solutions you can trust to mitigate risks to your valuable data assets

    The NETArchive dramatically reduces the risk of data loss. ASTI has capitalized on the advancements in SONY’s optical technology which delivers unprecedented performance, and professional archive grade optical media within a high-capacity cartridge. Its use of optical WORM technology ensures that the data recording surface cannot be modified, erased or altered in any way. The data assets cannot be ransomed (encrypted) by any malicious cyberattack, providing unmatched data durability and data preservation while still providing fast access to archive data.

    The solution seamlessly integrates into storage environments in just a few minutes presenting itself as a standard TCP/IP network resource supporting SMB/CIFS, NFS and FTP protocols. This simplified integration allows a growing list of content management, data archiving, and imaging applications to quickly certify the NETArchive as the principle archive within an overall data and document management solution. The NETArchive’s hardware-based WORM technology ensures that the data recording surface cannot be modified, erased or altered in any way. Therefore, all files that need to be protected are archived in a permanent, unalterable state that is 100% secure. ODA media with a data life estimated at 100+ years, which is substantially longer than other magnetic based storage media on the market.

    Get the details on theNETArchive here

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    About Alliance Storage Technologies

    Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of cloud and optical data archiving solutions. The company's flagship product, NETArchive® gives organizations the most reliable, unalterable, secure archive that protects data for decades not just years. Alliance's solutions are trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide and meet the most stringent regulatory requirements with game-changing performance and efficiency at an unrivaled price, so customers can actively archive, manage, optimize and secure critical information assets with confidence.


    Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) specializes in professional data archiving







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  • Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Cloud Archiving with Hybrid Cloud Storage / Cloud-Integrated Storage Technologies

    As data growth continues to accelerate, IT administrators are facing increasing pressure to improve the utilization of storage assets. The amount of data accumulated by corporations and organizations is increasing exponentially with approximately 80% of all data being static or inactive. The costs associated with storing this infrequently accessed data are at the forefront of IT administrator’s budget plans creating a need for efficient and cost effective data archiving solutions.

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  • Optical Archive Ransomware Protection

     Optical Archive for Ransomware Protection



    Important Alert - FBI Warning:

    Ransomware Activity Targeting the Healthcare and Public Health Sector

    As you may have seen, Federal agencies have issued an unprecedented warning against “an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers.” While the recent warnings are focused on the healthcare industry, it is important to note that the ransomware involved is not specific to any particular industry. If you have important data stored on your computer or network, you are at risk of being targeted by cybercriminals. Recovery can be difficult, timely and very costly.

    One of the Ransomware Best Practices recommended by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in the Ransomware Guide;

    Use the 3-2-1 rule as a guideline for backup practices. The rule states that three copies of all critical data are retained on at least two different types of media and at least one of them is stored offline.

    The NETArchive solution is built upon the 3-2-1 strategy, incorporating this best practice into your infrastructure to ensure your company's data is protected from ransomware. NETArchive automates the movement of data within the internal storage tiers on RAID, Optical and Cloud, so you don’t have to manage it. Best of all, once data is written it is permanently protected from being changed, deleted or altered in any way, providing unmatched data resilience and recoverability!

    There are many steps to ransomware prevention, but most important is protecting your critical data from being encrypted by ransomware where cybercriminals can then demand you pay a large sum of money to get your data back.


    The NETArchive solution can protect business data against ransomware   


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    Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) is the manufacturer of purpose built Professional Data Archiving Solutions that are specifically designed to secure and protect corporate critical data. We are implementing Optical Disc Archiving to prevent Ransomware attacks for many customer today!

    Contact our ASTI team today to get your NETArchive Data Archive Solution working for your data protection today!


     Click on the link to read the full report of the CISA Alert Summary.


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