Data Archiving Strategies

Do you have a strategy for preserving data critical to your business or organization?

The need for archiving is not depending upon the size of the business or organization but rather the importance of data to continued operations of the business. Whether small or large, organization today face many unique challenges when it comes to storage of data. 

Whether your objective is to preserve data or images unaltered, comply with industry regulations, wrap some control around big data, or secure data from unauthorized access, you need an archiving strategy that solves your business problems... all of them. A well-thought-out strategy provides the insurance and confidence you need to be certain that your data will still be protected in its unaltered state when needed.

What data archiving strategy meets your business needs? 

Data Protection Strategies for Business Success




Key Data Archiving Considerations

The optimal data archiving approach is one that meets current archiving objectives while maintaining future extensibility. There are many variables associated with developing a strategy specific to your organization or business needs some of which are:

  • Complying with industry regulations by retaining records in an unalterable state
  • Maintaining business continuity and recover from disasters 
  • Preserving data accurately for periods of more than 50 years
  • Protecting valuable data assets from loss or breach
  • Decreasing overhead and storage infrastructure costs
  • Preserving high-availability access to critical data in the event of an operational disruption
  • Implementing the Cloud while securing and maintaining full control of data
  • Retaining operational flexibility and scalability while easily managing archive data
  • Maintaining the right balance of performance, capacity, and features required for the environment
  • Ensuring consistent security and protection across IT infrastructures

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