Archiving Media Technologies

  • MO Upgrade

    Upgrade & Expansion Options for Customers
    Using Magneto Optical (MO) Media

    All production of Magneto Optical (MO) media has been discontinued. Sony, the last manufacturer to produce MO media, has also announced discontinuation of the product in all formats (9.1GB, 5.2GB, 2.6GB).

    Do you have a strategy in place for storing new data while continuing to read and access your important data stored on MO media?

    Alliance offers tangible options that will enable you to continue operating on trusted optical technology without the headache of migrations. Alliance has a comprehensive technical knowledge of MO libraries and media and can guide you through the process of developing a strategy that will enable you to continue accessing your valuable stored data.

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  • Optical Media

    Optical Media - True Archive media

    Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) has more than three decades of expertise in the research, development, and manufacture of optical storage media. Optical media storage is most frequently used in archive applications that demand secure, long-term retention of records. ASTI’s business philosophy and products are based upon an equally long-term support model, including support for current and past generations of optical media. 

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  • Sony ODA Technologies

    Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Technology

    The Sony Optical Disc Archive offer the most advanced optical technology on the market, far surpassing previous generations of optical technologies and other products available in the current marketplace.  Sony Optical Disc Archive products offer an excellent total cost of ownership, high capacity footprint, and exemplary performance, resultiing in a highly desirable data archiving technology.

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