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12" LD8100 and LF8600 Drives

ASTI’s offers replacement drives and repair services for legacy large format 12” TrueWORM Technology™ LD8100, LF8600 drives utilized as stand-alone drives or in FileNet OSAR libraries. The drives were best suited for applications requiring permanent archival storage of in high-volume multi-user environments where fast access to data was important.

Using phase change technology and recording on a glass substrate, the 12” drives offer permanent unalterable storage with a minimum data life of 30 years. Dual head can write both sides simultaneously eliminating the need to remove and flip the disk resulting in reduced mechanical wear and much faster response times.

Contact Alliance Sales to purchase drives or media (719) 593-7900 or submit a Request for Quote.


  • Capacity 30GB
  • On-line Capacity 30GB
  • Sector Size 2048 Bytes
  • Interface SCS II (fast/wide)
  • Data Buffer 12.8MB
  • Burst Transfer Rate to host 20MB/s
  • Sustained Transfer Rate 6.0MB/s (read) - 2.9MB/s (write and verify)
  • Average Access Time 96ms
  • Average Rotational Latency 31.3ms
  • Spindle Speed 1000 RPM
  • Spin-up Time 3.0sec
  • Spin Down Time 1.5 sec
  • MTBF 30K hours
  • Backward Read LM6000