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Drive Repair Services

Drives are at the heart of every data archiving library and as with any type of automated machinery occasionally calibration and repair services are necessary. As the original equipment manufacturer, ASTI is fully equipped to provide rapid and efficient diagnosis and repair of drives utilized for professional data archiving.

ASTI headquarters is equipped with a dedicated drive depot repair and testing facility staffed by knowledgeable, qualified repair technicians that can provide a level of evaluation, calibration and repair not found elsewhere. Close-tolerance calibration ensures that refurbished drives will remain in operation for extended periods.

Contact ASTI Sales: 719-593-7900 or submit a Request for Quote.

Drive Evaluation

All drives undergo a through, step by step evaluation and inspection process that covers testing, log evaluation, calibration, damage review, and repair. Drive repairs are performed according to establish ISO 9001 guidelines.

Note: There is a flat rate fee associated with drive evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, if the drive is repairable then a repair estimate will be provided.