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Magneto Optical (MO) Drives

The MO 910 Internal and External drives are one of many legacy replacement drives offered by ASTI. Originally utilized in M Series libraries, the drives are now available for the current G Series libraries as well.

Equipped with an 8 MB buffer and an enhanced cache algorithm the drive offers a 25ms seek time and a transfer rate of over 6MB/sec. It offers the benefits of an ISO 9001 compliant product with universal writing format. It is fully compatible with previous disk generations of 8x, 4x and 2x media.

Two models available: MOD561RD-SE (external) and 910-101268-00 (internal)

Contact Alliance Sales to purchase drives or media (719) 593-7900 or submit a Request for Quote.


Capacity and Performance

  • Capacity 9.1GB
  • Drive Buffer Size 8MB
  • Interface SCSI-IISCSI-II
  • Media Compatibility read/write 9.1GB (P9100E /P9100W)
    • read/write 5.2GB (P5200E /P5200W)
    • read/write 4.8GB (P4800E/P4800W)
    • read/write 4.1GB (P4100E /P4100W)
    • read/write 2.6GB (P2600E /P2600W)
    • read/write 2.6GB (LIMDOW)
    • read/write 2.3GB (LIMDOW)
    • read/write 2.3GB (P2300E)
    • read 1.3GB (P1300W/P1300E)
    • read 1.2GB (P1200E)
    • read 650MB/600M B
  • Rotational Speed 3,300 RPM
  • Maximum User Data Transfer Rate (9.1GB, 4096ss) 6.14MB/sec
  • Maximum User Data Transfer Rate (8.6GB, 2048ss) 5.84MB/sec
  • Maximum User Data Transfer Rate (5.2GB, 2048ss) 5.07MB/sec
  • Maximum User Data Transfer Rate (1024ss) 4.79MB/sec
  • Maximum User Data Transfer Rate (512ss) 4.06MB/sec
  • Access Times/Average (1/3 full stroke) 25ms


  • MTBF (POH) 100,000 hours (60% confidence level)
  • MSBF 800,000 cycles
  • MTTR 30 minutes

Operating Conditions

  • Operating Temperature 5o to 40oC (41o to 104oF)
  • Operating Humidity 10% to 90% RH, Non-Condensing
  • Access Times/Average (1/3 full stroke) 25ms
  • Power Consumption 148W
  • Mounting Orientation - Horizontal or Vertical Tilt < +10o

Dimensions and Weight

  • Unit Dimensions (h, w, d) 4.1, 14.6, 20.3cm (1.63, 5.75, 8in)
  • Weight (without cartridge) 1.5kg (3lb 5oz)


  • Safety: UL1950, UL950, EN55022 Class B
  • Emissions: FCC Class B, CISPR 22 Class B