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Filenet OSAR Libraries

FileNet OSAR Libraries

The FileNet Optical Storage and Retrieval (OSAR) library is an optical jukebox archive that provides organizations with an archive solution that leverages tiered storage in order to meet regulatory and discovery requirements. The library utilizes 12-inch media, available in Write Once Read Many (WORM) format. Media capacity is available in 5.6GB, 12GB and 30 GB sizes.

Although no longer manufactured, as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Alliance offers upgrade paths and service for customers with legacy libraries of all types.

Upgrade today and continue with optical while protecting data investments. 

Contact Alliance Sales: 719-593-7900 or submit a Request for Quote.

Support and Service

Service plans are available for FileNet OSAR devices include remote, onsite, and telephone support at a variety of service levels depending on business need with plans suitable for any sized business. As archiving needs increase, technical support personnel are at the ready to support onsite upgrades and expansions. Alliance offers a complete line of certified Plasmon brand parts and only those parts are used in equipment. Learn more about Alliance Support and Service