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Ultra Density Optical (UDO)

Flexible Optical Archiving Media

Archiving with optical storage is the most secure method of archiving data. Ultra Density Optical® (UDO) technology is the core of many of ASTI’s data archiving solutions. ISO Certified UDO® digital storage media meets today’s diverse requirements for storing static data over the long-term. This archiving media is available in Rewritable and Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) formats. Both formats are offered in 30GB UDO1 and 60GB UDO2 capacities.

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Write Once Read Many Media

udocompliantbWrite Once Read Many (WORM) media uses a hardware-based WORM technology to ensure that the recording surface cannot be erased or altered. This provides the highest level of data authenticity that cannot be matched by tape, disk, or other backup media technologies using software-based WORM emulation.