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12 Inch Optical Media 

12 inch optical media has been the historic archival storage backbone for many enterprise content management applications across a wide range of industries. While 12 inch technology has been superseded by higher performance, more cost effective, optical media formats, hundreds of organizations continue to use their robust 12 inch media. ASTI provides multi-generation support for 12 inch technology starting from 2GB media originally launched in 1987, through the final generation of 30GB media released in 2000.

ASTI offers 12-inch optical media for use in legacy products. This archive grade media has been designed to meet the rigors of library use and provides a data life in excess of 30 years. 12-inch media is available in TrueWORMâ„¢ (Write Once Read Many) format. Capacities range from 5.6GB to 30GB. Stable glass media provides a minimum data life of >50 years.

Use the table to determine the type of 12-inch media. If the amount of storage the media holds is known, then that can be used to determine the optical subsystem. If a cartridge is available, the model number should be printed on the outside of the case.

Drive Model

Media Type

Max. Capacity

FileNet OSAR Model

Head Type

Philips LMS4100 LM4000 5.6 GB FileNet 0150 Dual
Philips LD6100/LF6600 LM6000 12.0 GB FileNet 0150, 0155 Philips Rapid Changer Dual
Plasmon LD8100/LF8600 LM8000 30.0 GB FileNet 0150, 0155 Plasmon Rapid Changer Dual

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