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Magneto-Optical Libraries

Plasmon M-Series Magneto Optical (MO) Librarie

Alliance’s Plasmon branded 5.2 GB & 9.1 GB Magneto-Optical Libraries were a reliable, cost-effective data storage product. The legacy M-Series enabled rapid access to data with flexible configurations and standard interface options. Larger units are equipped with an advanced dual picker providing fast disk exchange times and field-proven high reliability. Many MO libraries are still in production today.

Although no longer manufactured, as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Alliance offers upgrade paths and service for customers with legacy libraries of all types. Alliance G-Series provides mixed optical media support for both Magneto Optical (MO) and UDO technology in one library.

Upgrade today and continue with optical while protecting data investments. Alliance offers library upgrades and expansions designed to accommodate current and future business needs. View the Upgrade & Expansions tab below for available options.

Contact Alliance Sales: 719-593-7900 or submit a Request for Quote.

Upgrade & Expansion Options

Many cost effective upgrade and expansion programs are available. Alliance NAS and direct-attached archive libraries protect critical business data while maintaining the ability to expand to accommodate additional storage growth as needed. 

Technical sales experts are available to assist in determining the best possible method of continuing to protect valuable investments in legacy archive equipment. Let Alliance sales staff facilitate this process. 

  • Lease or Purchase a G Series Library with UDO drives
  • Lease or Purchase a G Series Library with mixed UDO and MO drives
  • Migrate to a Enterprise class Network Attached archive solution - NETArchive
  • Keep the MO in place and write new data to an Enterprise class Network Attached archive solution - NETArchive

CLICK HERE for more detailed information on MO Upgrades and to submit your MO configuration to Alliance technical staff for review.