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Legacy Archive Solutions Overview

Alliance’s Plasmon brand archiving solutions are built for long-term data retention and have been available for over 25 years. Built to last, many legacy archive libraries continue to be in use today. Over the years, Alliance has developed libraries, media, enabling software, and support services designed to satisfy customer’s data storage needs.

Alliance Makes It Easy to Continue with Optical Technology

Although no longer manufactured, as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Alliance offers upgrade and service paths for customers with legacy libraries of all types. Alliance understands the importance of investing in archive technologies and endeavors to enable businesses and organizations to continue utilizing technology that makes good business sense. Organizations transitioning to new or alternate technologies can face many challenges. Alliance has developed several cost effective upgrade options designed to minimize impact on operations and data migrations, while enabling continued preservation of data on optical technology.  Click on an image to learn more on supported models, migrations and upgrade paths.

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Protect Archiving Investments with Alliance Upgrade and Services Options 

Alliance Upgrade and Service Programs make it easy to transition from legacy libraries to newer Alliance archive libraries. Many options are available including: support services for legacy libraries, migrating data to a newer library, trading in existing equipment, or switching over to a newer Alliance Archive Appliance solution.

As the OEM, Alliance is the only provider that can offer technical support services backed by hardware and software development teams. This ensures that your company receives the highest quality service and most expedient response in addition to regular hardware and software updates.

Support and Service
Alliance is committed to providing exemplary service to every customer. Service plans include remote, onsite, and telephone support at a variety of service levels depending on business need with plans suitable for any sized business. As archiving needs increase, technical support personnel are at the ready to support onsite upgrades and expansions. Alliance offers a complete line of certified Plasmon brand parts and only those parts are used in equipment.

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Alliance offers library upgrades and expansions designed to accommodate current and future business needs. Technical sales experts are available to assist in determining the best possible method of continuing to protect valuable investments in legacy archive equipment. Many cost effective upgrade and expansion programs are available. Alliance NAS and direct-attached archive libraries protect critical business data while maintaining the ability to expand to accommodate additional storage growth as needed. Contact us now to learn about options.

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Migration and Professional Services
Migrating data can be a time consuming and challenging process. Using Alliance’s professional services, data migrations can be planned with confidence. Alliance’s highly skilled technicians will provide the support and expertise needed to ensure a smooth transition. 

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