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Ultra Density Optical (UDO) Drives

Professional Internal and Desktop External Optical Drives for Archival Storage

ASTI’s UDO drives are engineered specifically for the demanding requirements of professional archival storage environments. Extremely high duty cycles provide reliable and long-term use. Rapid seek times and fast read/write speeds ensure access to valuable archived data in seconds.

ASTI offers both Internal Drives for use in automated libraries, and stand-alone Desktop Drives for small businesses and individual departments.

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IBM 3996 Compatible G Libraries

As the OEM for UDO drives and media, ASTI offers IBM 3996 compatible G-Series archive libraries that deliver uncompromised data archive solutions for any organization in need of long-term data retention.  These libraries provide state-of-the-art features including simultaneous use of MO and UDO drives in the same library (depending upon operating system).  Available in a broad series of configurations, these scalable libraries make it easy to manage data archiving requirements. Libraries are available in multiple slot configurations and expand to meet current and future business needs.

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G Series Libraries

Professional Grade Direct Attached Archive Storage 


Utilized by corporations and government agencies worldwide for long-term data storage, G-Series libraries are the market leader for direct-attached professional data archiving solutions. They are ideal in circumstances where a UDO library software infrastructure or a storage area network is in place, or specific connectivity requirements are necessary.

The G-Series is a scalable archive library family, with models ranging from 20 to 638 media slots making it easy to select the perfect size of library for your data archiving needs. In addition, the G-Series provides mixed optical media support for both Magneto Optical (MO) and UDO technology in one library or UDO1 and UDO2 in one library.

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UDO Archive Appliance

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Libraries 

aaelitefamilyThe Archive Appliance product line features modular architecture and design in order to provide customers with an optimized data archiving solution. Each Network Attached Storage (NAS) archiving solution can be configured specifically for the needs of the organization according to capacity, scalability, performance, features, and budget.

All data is cached to RAID providing faster access to active archived data and is then committed to optical storage, and/or Cloud, for long-term preservation depending upon user requirements. ASTI Archive Appliances are up and running in only a few minutes and present themselves as standard NAS appliances over the TCP/IP network with support for Windows CIFS, Unix/Linux NFS, and FTP protocols.

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Professional Data Archiving Products Overview

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. (Alliance) develops and manufactures products and solutions specifically for professional data archiving. Thousands of organizations use Alliance archive solutions worldwide across a wide variety of markets and applications, including medical, financial, government, insurance, and surveillance. Archiving products can be configured for each customer’s specific environment and are suitable for small organizations up to the largest enterprise or government.

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